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Forum Introduction



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Future Network Forum will be held on December 10 and 11 



Vedio of the Forum, Click Here


Between December 10th and 11th 2015, the China Future Network Development and Innovation Forum, jointly hosted by the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the Nanjing Municipal Government, is scheduled to be held in Nanjing, Jiangsu, China. The forum will be jointly organized by Jiangsu Future Networks Innovation Institute and Beijing Internet Institute, with the theme of “Building future network test facilities and promoting network development & innovation”, and it will invite nearly a hundred industrial experts at home and abroad, to establish a platform marked by security, innovation, openness, cooperation where the policy, industry, academics, and application are integrated.


As an annually-held industrial gala of future networks, SDN, NFV, etc., this forum of future network will be well attended by elites from carriers, vendors, user enterprises, agencies and colleges, who will deliver their speeches, contribute to the summit conversations, make themselves heard at round-table conferences, attend on-site exhibitions, and join in the featured events, to hold in-depth discussion on the burning issues of challenges and counter-policies of current network, the experiment deployment of future network, and SDN/NFV technological and industrial development.


With the concept of “Security, Innovation, Openness, Cooperation” and the theme of “Building future network test facilities and promoting network development & innovation”, this forum aims to be a grand international festival gathering industrial giants and academic power together. This forum will attract thousands of scholars, experts and company leaders to attend and explore topics of challenges and solutions for the existing network, future experiments and SDN/NFV technical trends and other important issues about the future network.




In addition, top international experts gather together in this forum, including ONF Executive Director Mr. Dan Pitt, OpenDaylight TSC Chair Colin Dixon,President of EU OneLab Testbed Serge Fdida, Executive Officer of SINET Shigeki Yamada,Academician of CAE Mr. Liu Yunjie,Mr. Li Guojie, Mr. Li Guojie, Mr. Fang Bingxing, Mr. Wu Jiangxing will be invited to deliver speeches, attend round-table talk.


Moreover, the whole industry will be influenced greatly. Vendors like Huawei, ZTE, H3C, Brocade, CertusNet, DELL, SPIRENT, FiberHome; Internet companies like Tencent, Baidu, JD and Alibaba, and academic institutions like Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Beijing Jiaotong University and University of Science and Technology of China will be invited to attend all parts of the event. Besides, Participants are expected to more than 1,000 people and investors will be invited to attend the event. All participants be there will discuss the development of future network and SDN industry, business mode and win-win cooperation. 


We sincerely invite you to attend this forum!



Speakers To Be InvitedMore...

 Academician, Deputy Dean of CAE

 Academician of CAE

 Academician of CAE

Academician of CAE

Academician of CAE

Academician of CAE

 Academician of CAE

Academician of CAE

Academician of CAE

 Deputy Director and Secretary General of China Institute of Communications

 Vice-Chancellor of BUPT

President & CEO of Beijing Internet Institute

President & CEO of BII Group

Executive Director of ONF

Director of ICT, CAS

Deputy Dean of FNII

OpenDaylight TSC Chair

President of EU OneLab Testbed

Professor of UPMC Sorbonne University

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