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  • CCTV
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  • 通信产业报
  • C114
  • it168
  • 至顶网
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  • 51CTO
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Why sponsor

Powerful Alliances

The Authority of The Platform to Help Enterprises Brand Maximization


     The largest and most influential in the industry, China future network development and innovation on the soup will provide the best display platform for global manufacturers, the greatest degree of help companies enhance brand image, so that the spread of more.


Network Target Audience

     The meeting is expected to exceed one thousand people, covering carriers, Internet Co, equipment and other fields, the network business target audience;

Analysis of the audience in 2014 (totle 1024 attendees)



Authoritative Expert Recognition 

      Regardless of is the chairman of overseas organization, or domestic authoritative experts, all-star level, allow enterprises to in brand display and get expert approval; 


Maximum Intensity Transmission

      CCTV, Xinhua Newswire, hundreds of overseas authoritative media coverage, to maximize brand exposure;

CCTV News special report in 2014


Display Form Diversity

Keynote speech, booth, ad, Showcase, VIP Banquet Naming… Display form diversity, enhance brand image!



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