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  • CCTV
  • 人民邮电报
  • 中国计算机报
  • 电信科学
  • 通信产业报
  • C114
  • it168
  • 至顶网
  • 新华网
  • 人民网
  • 中国新闻网
  • 通信世界网
  • 新浪科技
  • 腾讯网
  • 搜狐网
  • 凤凰网
  • 龙虎网
  • CNII
  • 网易科技
  • 企业网
  • 新中关在线
  • 51CTO
  • 飞象网
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•Exchange Ads via Newsletter delivery
•Promote on the scene during the conference: Media logo/Ads will be displayed on event guides and backdrop
•Promote on the scene during the conference: promote via pull-up banner, media exhibition area, flyleaves, logo on lanyard and bags
•Industry chain resources: share the latest development intelligence, industry news, expert columns, on-site interview, exclusive interview and media conference, etc.
•Will be more

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