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With SDN commercial deployment gradually in practice, 2015 saw an outstanding achievement in the SDN market. According to the Report of Data center and enterprise SDN market conducted by IHS Infonetics, 2015 witnessed the market value of SDN controllers and relevant switches increased by nearly 100% compared to 2014 to 1.4 billion US dollars.


Representatives from vendors awarded the OpenFlow v1.3 Certificate of Conformance


During the China Future Network Development and Innovation Forum held the other day, many an SDN-related vendors, including H3C, Huawei, ZTE, Cetus, Dell, Spirent, IP Infusion, MediaTek, nocsys, Sonus, and XIN guard etc. demonstrated its latest solutions and progress made for SDN through exhibitions, demonstrations, keynote speeches, ShowCase and so forth. The venue was well crowded by carriers, internet corporations, colleges, research bodies, vendors and over one thousand viewers and visitors, whose feedback shows that SDN enjoys an uptick in acceptance in the user market.


Sure, the good feedback in the SDN market is mainly due to the research efforts by all vendors and the increased implementation on market. In terms of where we are now, H3C released Connect+ (Big interconnectivity) strategy, which helps carriers put SDN into effect via datacenters; Huawei has also established many NFV/SDN open labs worldwide for broad cooperation with all aspects through the industrial chain to nurture a multi-win NFV/SDN ecological environment; ZTE has launched cloud datacenter uSmartDC this March, with focus on effective and easy-to-use administrative platform for carriers. Brocade, Cetus, Dell, Spirent, etc. also saw their executives sharing latest progress at the venue of the forum.


On top of this, at the venue, ONF executive chair Dan Pitt, in collaboration with BII- Global SDN Certified Testing Center ( director Li Zhen, jointly awarded the OpenFlow v1.3 Certificate of Conformance to Huawei, ZTE, H3C and DCN. To a certain degree, the certificates directly reflect the R&D investment and technological capacity, and at the same time shows the across-the-board recognition of the OpenFlow protocol in the market.


Since the SDN concept came out, it is hyped or bad-mouthed while riding a wave of fast development. But with more successful commercial deployment in place in 2015, corporate SDN market’s gradual maturity maybe provides more opportunities to SDN market, which is drawing near to becoming a dominant force in the market. 


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