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We are ushering into a new era where things are all connected by the internet. Connection between people is leaping to a connection between things, which is turning the “smart society” dream into reality and opening an enormous market for IoT. On December 7th-December 9th, “GNTC-Global Network Technology Conference” will be held in Beijing. The NB-IoT themed technology summit will gather all the representatives from operators and suppliers, application enterprises, famous labels of the industry, experts and scholars in hall to discuss the potential of NB-IoT in commercial use in the future.


In September, 2015, the project of setting NB-IoT technology as the standard of Narrow-Band cellular IoT is approved. We can see its rapid development in less than one year. With an advantage of low-power, wide coverage, low cost, large capacity, NB-IoT can be applied in many vertical industries. It is differentiated from many low-cost WAN suppliers because it can promises the IoT a better access, lower deployment cost and steady upgrade.  


According to the forecast of Global Mobile Operator Alliance, 20 NB-IoT network operators will be launched in the end of 2017. 24 operators have made their decisions on supporting NB-IoT network operation. In this June, NB-IoT technical agreement has gained the approval of 3GPP RAN Technical Specifications Group Meeting. Its performance criteria was defined In September. It is exhilarating that NB-IoT will enter into its commercial stage after the consensus testing is finished in December.   


The overall patterning of NB-IoT in the industry chain is steadily moving forward. Referring to he operators, many top operators of the world, such as China Mobile, China Unicom, Vodafone, Deustche Telecom, Etisalat UAE, Telecom Italie, AT&T have all released their plan in developing NB-IoT and started to conduct beta rollouts. In vertical industries, an increasing number of vendors start to apply NB-IoT technology to boost their competitiveness. Most of these operators will share their research achievements in NB-IoT on this conference. 


In this critical juncture when the IoT industry is on its fast track, giants in this industry need to be provided with a chance and platform to communicate face to face, which just echoes to the mission of “NB-IoT Summit” of “GNTC-Global Network Technology Conference”. During the conference, three domestic operators, China Mobile IoT, overseas internet operators and manufacturers will all gather in here to share the present development stage of the applications for NB-IoT solutions in their industry and to discuss the development landscape in the future.


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