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P4 Workshop attend GNTC in December 8th


At present, the most hype-up technology----a P4 language of “Protocol Independent”, “Target Independent” and “Field Reconfigurable” attracts many focuses from the industry. In this GNTC conference held during December 7th-9th, a P4 Workshop will be jointly held by the organizing committee, P4 Language ( and Barefoot. Experts from P4, Barefoot, Netronome, Xilinx, Tencent, Alibaba, and Microsoft will be invited to share their opinions.




The P4 Workshop to be held in Great Wall Sheraton Hotel, Beijing in December 8th will be divided into three sections:


1. 9:00-9:30 Opening & P4 Update

Vice-President of Barefoot Ed Doe will deliver an opening speech to introduce the latest development of P4.


2. 9:30-10:30 Use Case & Scenario

Database centers and vendors, such as Tencent, Alibaba, Microsoft, Huawei, and H3C will be invited to share their research findings.


3. 10:30-12:00 P4 Tutorial & Product / Application

P4 Chair Changhoon Kim will make his special trip to China to communicate with China’s developers and he will provide his suggestions and interpretations. In the Workshop, audience can come up with the problems arising in their research and have an in-field discussion with Changhoon Kim. 



In following sections, chip vendors from Netronome and Xilinx will share the practical use of P4 in Product and Application.


The GNTC-Global Network Technology Conference of 2016” relevant to “New Technology, New Architecture, New Network” will be held in full wings in Great Wall Sheraton, Beijing from December 7th- December 9th to discuss the global network architecture transformation. During the three days of conference, pure technology trend will be shared and a full range of latest network cases will be displayed. Manufacturing, studying and research are forging ahead neck by neck, representatives from network and communication and more than 1000 attendees will all gather in the conference. If you want to involve into this event and personally feel the grand conference and its technical communications, enroll now in our website



P4 Language ( is an open sources community consisting of members from industry and academia. They have two goals: 1) define the formal regulations of P4 language, 2) maintain the P4 developing tools and reference procedures and of open source code. All the material under a flexible Apache 2.0 permission are available on the for free use and re-issue. For now, Nick McKeown of Stanford University, Professor Jennifer Rexford of Princeton University and Google Fellow Amin Vahdat are boarding the league.



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