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Invited Speakers

Chen Yunqing

 Deputy Director of China Telecom Beijing Research Institute

Yunqing Chen, born in December 1964, professorate senior engineer. At present, he is the Vice Dean of China Telecom Corpotation Limited Beijing Research Institute, the deputy team leader of science and technology committee data network technology and application professional group of China Telecom Group, and the Vice President of China Communications Standards Association TC1. He graduated from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications in July 1989, majored in communication and electronic system, Master degree in engineering. He got iMBA degree from University of Hong Kong in December 2008. He won national Government Special Allowance of year 2008. He’s been engaged in broadband communication networking technology and service research for a long time. Since 2002 joined China Telecom, he’s responsible for many group major R&D projects. Now his research focuses on broadband IP networking, next generation internet and associated added-value application areas.

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