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Invited Speakers To Be Invited

 Academician of CAE, Director of ISC

Academician of CAE, Professor of Tsinghua University 

 Director of CFIEC, President & CEO of BII Group

ONF's VP of Engineering

Lead Member of Technical Staff, AT&T

 China Institute of Communications Standing Director, BoD of MEF.

Head of Infrastructure Service, Next Billion Users, Google Inc.

 Vice President of Network Strategy, the Linux Foundation

 Software Engineer, ON.Lab

 OpenDaylight TSC Chair

P4 Chair

M-CORD Technical Leader

 Senior R&D Officer at APNIC

Senior Director, Asia Business Operations, IEEE

Director of National Next Generation Internet Interconnection Devices Engineering Laboratory

 Deputy Director of China Future Internet Engineering Center

Associate Director, Cloud Computing & Big Data Product Line, China Telecom Corporation Limited, Beijing Research Institute

 Director of National Next Generation Internet Access System Laboratory

Deputy Director CERNET, Professor of Tsinghua University

 Vice-Chair of ETSI NFV ISG

 Deputy Director of China Telecom Beijing Research Institute

Executive Research Engineer, NTT DOCOMO, Inc.

 BT China Chief Program Integration Architect

Chief Expert, China Unicom Network Technology Research Institute

 VP of ONF, Director of China Mobile Network InstituteTechnology at China Mobile Research Institute

Technical Lead at ON.Lab

 Director of IP and Future Network Research Center, China Telecom Beijing Reserach Institute

China Mobile Research Institute
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