Call for Speakers

Length of speech

20 minutes


Including but not limited to IPv6, SDN, NFV, IoT & Edge Computing, 5G, Cloud and other cutting-edge network technologies.


Selection Criteria

Rich content: Speech with clear opinions, frontier technologies and a leading role for the industry is preferred.

In-depth content: The depth of the speech will directly affect the audience's gains, a well-prepared speech is preferred.

Influential speaker: The achievements and experience of the speaker will also be taken into consideration.


Speakers Benefits

Attend all the activities during the conference except for invitation-only meetings.

Be able to receive slides from other speakers.

Get free lunch coupons during the conference.



Please send your application in either English or Chinese to . Word or PDF is required.

Application is supposed to include:

1.       Speaker Information: Name, phone number, email address, photo, company, title and areas of expertise

2.       Speech abstract: topic and abstract, about 100 words



The application can be freely submitted until the agenda of the conference has been fully determined;

If the content is appropriate, but the corresponding topic has no space, your speech will be given priority to the next GNTC;

Please ensure that the personal information you provide is accurate. Once confirmed, it will be published on the official website and printed in the conference book;

Please ensure that the cases you use in the speech have been approved, we will not be responsible for any disputes and problems arising therefrom;

Your speech will be published in the relevant media of the Organizing Committee, including the PPT link, video website and so on. This is not a mandatory clause, please declare in advance if you disagree;

We will notify by email or telephone 1 month before the conference. Your speech opportunity is secured once you receive the invitation letter from the GNTC Organizing Committee.



If you have a very suitable speaker, please recommend him/her to the Organizing Committee via . Please describe the personal and speech information that can be shared as much as possible.

(Once your referral is finally adopted and becomes a GNTC speaker, you will receive a VIP ticket for free.)


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