GNTC Awards

【Introduction of the Awards】

The Internet is an important infrastructure for human society. The innovative development of network technology is the core force to promote the development of digital economy, and it is also the source of driving force for the continuous advancement of human society. In 2018, the network technology revolution characterized by open integration and intergenerational transition is accelerated&expanded globally: IPv6 users and support are exploding globally, and network reconfiguration with SDN and NFV as key technologies is being deployed globally, the horn of commercial scale of 5G has already blown, and the cloud has begun to spread everywhere...

The “GNTC-2018 Global Network Technology Conference” will hold the “GNTC Awards Ceremony” in the same period, paying tribute to the industry promoters.


GNTC Innovation Award

GNTC People's Choice Award

【The Scope of Selection】

Excellent solutions from different kinds of network technologies

Note: Each company can submit up to 5 applications, and the technical directions are not repeated.

【Evaluation Criteria】

Creativity: It has industrial creativity and can solve the pain points of the industry.

Advancement: It has independent intellectual property rights and core technology, and the technology level is advanced in the same industry.

Impact: It has an ideal scale of user groups and market competitiveness, leading in the industry, with a certain degree of public.

【Evaluation Procedure】


Appendix: GNTC Awards Selection Process

Phase 1: Collection (July 1st– October 30th)

Download the application form from GNTC 2018 Official Website (, fill out the form and submit it to

Phase 2: First-round Selection (October 31st)

First-round selection results announced

Phase 3: Preparation (November 1st- November 7th)

All the companies that have passed the first-round selection shall provide the GNTC Awards display materials on time, including the exhibition cost of 2,000 RMB (exhibition board, printing fee, etc.)

Phase 4: On-site Voting (November 14th- November 15th)

During the conference, all solutions participating in the GNTC Awards will be voted on-site by speakers, special guests, professional media, audiences, etc., voting will be closed by 6 PM on November 15th.

Ø  GNTC Innovation Award:All the speakers have two voting cards; professional media, invited experts and industry representatives (VIP guests) each has one voting card.

Ø  GNTC People's Choice Award:All on-site general audience each has one voting card.

Phase 5: GNTC Awards Ceremony (November 16th)

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