GNTC-Global Network Technology Conference 2018 will hold in November
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GNTC-Global Network Technology Conference 2018 will hold between Nov. 14 and Nov. 16, 2018. As one of the largest network technology events in the world, the GNTC will focus on more popular technological fields, attract more international organizations, gather more industrial leading experts, and provide a spectacular feast about network technology to more than 2,500 visitors at site through one Plugfest, one award ceremony, two plenary sessions, nine technical submits and dozens of workshops.


At present, the development of the global internet has entered “Age of Wind” with expanding network reach and boundary and unprecedentedly big user demand, which depends on the strong support by network technology. That is to say, the innovative development of network technology is the key power promoting the development of the digital economy and the motive source pushing forward the human society.

Through three-year development, GNTC has become an important vane of network technology development. With strategic planning, industrial direction, technology trend and application innovation gathered here, through increasingly-deepened exchange and cooperation, GNTC has been pushing forward global network technology continuously and completely. Hundreds of the best experts home and abroad such as Father of Internet Vint Cerf, Academician of CAE Wu Hequan, Academician of CAE Wu Jianping, SDN pionner Nick McKeown, DNS Inventor Paul Mockapetris, the Linux Foundation VP of Operation Phil Robb, President of MEF Nan Chen, VP of ONF Bill Snow and AT&T Lead Member of Technical Staff Steven Wright have ever given wonderful lectures in GNTC in the past.


Fig. Structure of 2018 GNTC

Compared with the last sessions, GNTC 2018 will embrace full upgrade and improve all aspects including technological direction, size of guests, issues to be discussed and size of assembly on the whole. During the conference lasting three days, GNTC will focus on network technology development trend and network technology integrated application with issues involved with IPv6, 5G, Cloud, SDN, NFV, Block Chain, IOT and Big Data, Network Security, invite hundreds of leading experts from all corners of the world to give more than 120 lectures to share their findings.

With the purpose to push forward the innovation and development of network technology, during GNTC 2018, “GNTC Award Ceremony” will hold in which all industrial experts and visitors will vote for the innovative, advanced, influential, industrially typical and excellent solutions as a tribute to industrial pushers.

At present, GNTC has fully started registration system. You may access to the official site or follow the We-chat account “theGNTC” for application. Welcome to GNTC to dialogue with industrial celebrities face to face and explore more cooperative opportunities with industrial partners.


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