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From November 14 to 16, 2018, the "GNTC Global Network Technology Conference" will kick off. As one of the largest network technology events in the world, this year's GNTC will hold a special "GNTC Awards Ceremony", which will invite all the speakers, industry experts, media, audiences present to vote innovative, advanced, influential and industry-recognized solutions to pay a tribute to industry's promoters.




Network is an important infrastructure for human society. The innovative development of network technology is the core force for the development of digital economy and the driving force for the continuous advancement of human society. In 2018, the network technology revolution characterized by open integration and intergenerational transition picks up globally: IPv6 users and support enjoy explosive growth globally and network reconfiguration with SDN and NFV as key technologies is deployed and progressed globally. The large-scale commercial use of 5G already started and the cloud began to penetrate into our lives...


On this occasion, the GNTC Organizing Committee will officially launch the global collection of excellent solutions for the “GNTC Awards”. IPv6, 5G, cloud, SDN, NFV, blockchain, Internet of Things, edge computing and other excellent solutions in the technical field can be submitted. In the end, based on the four criteria of “innovation”, “advancedness”, “influence” and “industry representation”, the network technology experts from around the world will select the best solution for the final award. On November 14, the trophy will be presented at the closing ceremony of the "GNTC 2018 Global Network Technology Conference".


It is worth mentioning that in order to ensure the fairness of the awards and promote the development of the industry, all the awards of the “GNTC Awards” were voted on-site by network technical experts attending the conference. The GNTC Innovation Award and the GNTC People's Choice Award will be set up. The GNTC Innovation Award will be selected by industry experts (speakers, invited experts, professional media), and the GNTC People's Choice Award will be selected by ordinary audience. Through such a selection form, we will dig deeper into the benchmark solutions in various fields of network technology, so as to promote the application of technology and promote the transformation and development of the industry.




Figure: “GNTC Awards” selection process



In addition, all the applications submitted that pass the primary selection process can be presented at the “GNTC 2018 Global Network Technology Conference”. The organizing committee will provide a platform for the finalists to showcase the advantages of the solution and communicate and display with thousands of on-site experts and audiences.

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