Insight into the Future: GNTC 2018 Global Network Technology Conference Fully Upgraded
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From November 14 to 16, 2018, the "GNTC Global Network Technology Conference" will kick off in full swing. After three years of development, GNTC has become an important indicator for the development of network technology. It gathers strategic planning, industrial direction, technology trends, and application innovations. Through continuous deepening of exchanges and cooperation, it continues to advance global network technology. This year, GNTC will be fully upgraded from the perspective of guest scale, technical direction, international organization cooperation and awards selection so as to present a more exciting networking technology feast to the audience.

Large-scale guest presence and more technical directions

The tide of network reconfiguration spreads rapidly around the world. The network technology is developing by leaps and bounds. New concepts and technologies are introduced on the international stage. This year, more than 120 speeches of GNTC are well prepared and nearly 200 guests will be present. On the first day of the conference, the “Global Network Technology Development Trend” plenary session unveils the event. A number of domestic and foreign academicians, leaders of international organizations and representatives of well-known enterprises attend the event to share the international development pattern. Subsequently, through seven special summits and multiple workshops, experts in various fields will explore the status quo and specific applications. Finally, the conference comes to the “integration and application of network technology” and the international operators and representatives of Internet companies share the practical and effective planning blueprints with the current technology trends to jointly explore the future possibilities.

Photo: 2017 GNTC plenary session

In the special summit sharing, GNTC will continue to follow the mainstream technology trends such as SDN, NFV, IPv6, 5G, cloud, transfer from theoretical discussion to experiment and practice. On this basis, Internet of Things and edge computing, block chain summit are added to cover a wider range of technical fields. With the advent of the era of Internet of Everything, the rapid development and powerful potential of the Internet of Things have attracted the attention of industry. The front-end equipment has exploded and the data generated has been rising. As a result, edge computing has also received great attention. In addition, the block chain has risen rapidly in recent years and is regarded as one of the core technologies for changing the future. Many new alliances and enterprises have emerged. GNTC keeps pace with the times and will focus on the nature of technology and explore its development and application.

Engage more international technology organizations in the discussion

GNTC's annual excellent speeches are substantial and highly valued. It is one of the core strengths of the conference. The seniors from many international technical organizations come to the scene to share the latest technology trends. The special workshop is organized to bring GNTC’s rich structure and content to a new level.

Last year, the GNTC held five workshops, which all had a full house and received wide attention and praise from the audience. Nick McKeown, academician of the National Academy of Engineering, professor of Stanford University, Timon Sloane, Vice Chairman of ONF, Phil Robb, vice president of Linux Foundation, Wang Yachen, ONAP Board President and other domestic and foreign guests attended the workshops and communicated with the audience. This year, GNTC not only retains popular projects such as P4, ONAP, CORD and network testing, but also joins hands with more organizations and Internet companies to create hot topics such as OCP, enterprise Ethereum, investment and entrepreneurship, and Belt and Road network infrastructure. A number of closed-door meetings will be held during the same period.

Photo: 2017 GNTC Workshop 

Case solicitation, authoritative selection, GNTC Awards pays tribute to industry promoters

The GNTC will also hold a special "GNTC Awards Ceremony", where all the speakers, industry experts, media and audience will vote to select outstanding solutions with innovation, advancement, influence and industry representative. The “GNTC Innovation Award” and the “GNTC People's Choice Award” will be awarded to pay tribute to industry promoters and promote the implementation of network technologies.

Network is an important infrastructure for human society. The innovative development of network technology is the core force to promote the development of digital economy, and it is also the driving force for the continuous advancement of human society. The organizing committee encourages excellent solutions in various network technologies such as IPv6, 5G, cloud, SDN, NFV, blockchain, Internet of Things and edge computing to participate in the application for selection and provide presence opportunity for all solutions that passed the primary selection. Through such a selection form, we will dig deeper into the benchmark solutions in various fields of network technology to promote the popularization of technology applications and the transformation and development of the industry.


At present, the GTNC Global Network Technology Conference registration system has been fully opened. Visit the official website, or follow the official Wechat account "theGNTC" to successfully register to win the opportunities for face-to-face dialogue with the industry's big shots and explore more cooperation opportunities with industry partners. The GNTC conference looks forward to your participation.



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