2018 SDN+NFV+IPv6 Fest Testing Event Just Around the Corner
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In recent years, new communication technologies such as SDN and NFV have seen constant development and real-world application, setting off waves of transition to next generation networks. Major service providers and Internet giants are all actively exploring new technologies and conducting technical assessments. What’s more, IPv6 has become the focus of everyone’s attention in 2018. Against this backdrop, to facilitate development of SDNFV and IPv6 industries, promote the experimental verification and rapid implementation of new technologies and architectures, improve efficiency and quality of network deployment, and reduce the difficulty of network operation and maintenance, the “2018 SDN+NFV+IPv6 Fest” Testing Event will be opened in Nanjing this October to help the SDN/NFV/IPv6 industry conduct technical testing through the creation of a technical exchange platform.

The event is jointly organized by the BII in conjunction with China Unicom’s CORD Industry Alliance, Open Network Foundation (ONF), Open Platform for NFV (OPNFV), Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) and the IPv6 Forum.


The SDN+NFV+IPv6 Fest testing event is intended to be a full-scale stereoscopic test for complete SDN/NFV solutions and IPv6 upgrade solutions. Testing includes SDN northbound-southbound interface test, SR-based interoperability test, NS self-healing/self-expansion test, NFV network performance and interoperability test, VNF function and data plane performance test, SFC test, NFVI & VIM function test, IPv6 protocol and security test, IPv4aaS test, as well as end-to-end scenario testing. In contrast to previous years, this testing event is a joint effort by service providers, open source communities, and relevant industry alliances.

I. SD-WAN Based Cloud Network Convergence End-to-End Networking

The 2018 SDN+NFV+IPv6 Fest testing event aims to build an SD-WAN network. Its access points will be based on NFV architecture. The backbone network will be based on the SR source routing technology. SDDC technology will be used in the cloud data center, supplemented with the necessary SDN controller and services orchestrator, building enterprise end-to-end business scenarios such as from branch offices to headquarters, enterprise to cloud, DC to DC and verifying SD-WAN support for IPv6, SD-WAN automatic path optimization, fast fault recovery and SLA protections, etc.

II. Adding IPv6 upgrade and transitional technology testing and SR support testing

This year will see explosive growth in IPv6 application and deployment in China. Since the publication of the  Action Plan for Promoting Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) Large-Scale Deployment , IPv6 large-scaled deployment has entered the fast lane. In the 2018 SDN+NFV+IPv6 Fest testing event, IPv6 transition, IPv6 only, IPv6 security testing and other tests will be a major technical highlight.

In addition, the event will also feature testing of SR-MPLS data plane interoperability and IPv6 data plane interoperability between different vendors’ devices in backbone networking scenarios, as well as segment routing (SR) control plane and data plane interoperability. In view of the characteristics of SR, it has carried out cross-vendors testing of TI-LFA, SRv6 Network Programming, PCEP automatic calculation path, etc., thus tracking the industry’s support for SR technology.

III. NFV orchestrator and multi-vendor VNF interoperability

This year, the 2018 SDN+NFV+IPv6 Fest testing event will see the building of NFV scenarios in the access point end and the performing of function, performance, interoperability and decoupling tests on vCPE, vFW, vBRAS and other network elements, and NFV infrastructure and MANO, as well as the verification of feasibility of the networking technology architecture supporting its upper-layer business requirements.

In addition, China Unicom’s CORD Industry Alliance has customized R-CORD and M-CORD test scenarios for the event.

After the 2018 SDN+NFV+IPv6 Fest testing event, the testing equipment and solutions will be demonstrated at the “GNTC 2018 Global Networking Technology Conference” held on November 14-16. By which time, through white paper release, on-site showcase, network testing workshop and other activities, the test results will be shared with the industry. Let us work together on a new chapter of the SDN/NFV/IPv6 industry! Industry partners and vendors are invited to participate, please register at: info@sdnctc.com, +8610-56381682.

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