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From November 14 to 16, 2018, the annual "Global Network Technology Conference" (abbreviated as GNTC) will officially kick off. As one of the largest network technology events in the world, GNTC is committed to promoting the rapid development of global network technologies and promoting the exchange of global industry chains. GNTC has always been renowned in the industry for its high specification, depth, multi-organization and practical content. In addition to its existing advantages, the “GNTC 2018” will add more highlights. Through 1 Plugfest, 1 award ceremony, 2 plenary sessions, 6 technical summits and dozens of workshops, it provides a wonderful network technology feast for the audience.

In order to enable audience to have a deeper and clearer understanding of GNTC, the author specially sorted out the highlights of the previous sessions. Let us review the GNTC we have attended in the past.

Partners: deepening cooperation and promoting industrial development on a global scale

Since the inaugural GNTC in 2016, it has received extensive support and participation from the industry. China Institute of Communications Internet Society of China, IEEE, ETSI, APNIC, IPv6 Forum, Linux Foundation, ONF, MEF, P4 Language Alliance and other domestic and foreign organizations, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, AT&T, Telefonica, NTT Docomo, PCCW and other global operators are fully involved to push the global network technology forwards through deepening exchange and cooperation.

In the meanwhile, H3C, Huawei, ZTE, Intel, Google, Brocade, Juniper, Certus, Daho, VCMY Technology, TiCOMM, Yunshan, Barefoot, Centec, Ixia, EmbedWay Technology, V6PLUS and many other companies have sponsored or participated in GNTC. By sharing the latest products and solutions, participating in relevant testing activities, delivering keynote speeches and presenting on site, we can also find many partners and users while achieving brand promotion, mutual benefit and win-win, and promoting the industry forward.

Speakers: Gathering the industry's top experts

GNTC's guest lineup has always been known for leading the industry trend. At the previous conferences, the father of the Internet Vint Cerf, the academician of CAE Wu Hequan and Wu Jianping, the SDN pioneer Nick McKeown, the DNS inventor Paul Mockapetris, the Linux Foundation VP of operation Phil Robb, president of MEF Nan Chen, VP of ONF William Snow, AT&T Lead member of Technical Staff Steven Wright and hundreds of top domestic and foreign experts delivered wonderful speeches.

Dan Pitt, senior vice president of MEF, said after participating in the GNTC, “I have been to China for related activities for last five years. GNTC is the largest and most successful. The GNTC has gathered many technical topics, the world's top experts, the most influential international organizations, etc. Each of them brings very warm and valued perspective."

 previous speakers.jpg

Figure: Past speakers at the GNTC (Partial)

Discussion topic: focusing on hotspots and gaining insight into the future of the industry

As the Internet penetrates and transforms all walks of life at an unprecedented rate and becomes an important infrastructure for human society, the innovation and development of network technology becomes more and more important. After three years of development, the "GNTC" has become an important indicator of the development of network technology, and also witnessed the continuous development of the industry.

GNTC is themed on “New Technology • New Architecture • New Network”. The topics of the conference include network reconfiguration, cloud network convergence, Internet infrastructure, SDN, NFV, 5G, cloud and data center, IPv6, NB-IoT, Internet of Things, edge computing, network security, CORD, P4, ONAP, etc., covering various cutting-edge technologies and hot topics in the current network field. At the same time, each session of the GNTC is closely linked to the pulse of industrial development, digs into deeper content year by year, which is advanced and prospective. Through the development path of the GNTC, we can not only fully understand the development history of network technology, but also gain insight into future industry trends.

On-site audience: gathering elites to penetrate the entire industry chain

As the guests, topics and content of the conference are attractive, each session of the GNTC attracted thousands of visitors to participate. At the same time, the number of people who follow the content of the conference online during the same period through the live broadcast and live video broadcast of the conference exceeds 200,000 each time.

According to statistics, GNTC viewers cover all aspects of the industry chain such as operators, government agencies, equipment vendors and user units. At the same time, 80% of the participants are technical engineers or those with the same industry background, some are corporate technology and market decision makers, and some provide valuable industry information and analysis for the company's business development.

audience analysis en.jpg

Figure: Analysis of previous audiences at the GNTC

Compared with previous years, GNTC 2018 will be fully upgraded in terms of technical direction, guest specifications, discussion topics, and participation scale. During the three-day conference, the current status of network development will be fully demonstrated through various activities such as test activities, exhibitions, keynote speeches, technical summits, workshops, and awards ceremonies. At present, the GTNC registration system has been fully opened. Visit the official website, or follow the WeChat official account "theGNTC" to register to have face-to-face dialogue with the industry's big names and explore more cooperation opportunities with industry partners. The GNTC conference is waiting for you to participate.

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