Dr Sławomir KUKLINSKI received his PhD with honours from Warsaw University of Technology in 1994, and since then, he is Assistant Professor there. He teaches mobile and wireless systems. From 2003 he has also been working for Orange Polska as Research Expert focused on mobile and wireless systems with emphasis to self-managed and cognitive solutions. At present, he works intensively on network slicing. As a principal investigator he led many national research projects and was involved in many international projects, including FP6 MIDAS, FP7 EFIPSANS, FP7 4WARD, FP7 ProSense, Celtic COMMUNE, he coordinated Polish-Luxembourgish project on Cognitive SDN (CoSDN). At present, he is involved EU-Japan project 5G!Pagoda and EU-China project 5G-Drive. He was working on SDN standardization in ITU-T (Study Group 13) and now is involved in IETF and ITU-T activities on network slicing. Slawomir Kukliński has published more than 50 conference and journal papers, served as a member of TPC of many conferences and gave several invited keynotes.

Speech: Challenges of network slicing

Abstract: The network slicing is relatively a new concept that allows for the creation of multiple network and service instances over a shared infrastructure. Network slices are dynamic entities, mutually isolated and typically built using distributed cloud infrastructure. There are multiple benefits to network slicing. The network slices can be deployed quickly, and slice tenants do not need to have the infrastructure. Moreover, each network slice can be appropriately tailored to its service(s). Due to the mentioned features, there is no doubt that the network slicing will revolutionize the way in which networks and services are built and operated. The network slicing is considered as a key technology of 5G. Currently, the network slicing technology is a subject of intensive research - there are still network slicing issues to be solved. The list of issues include scalability of management and orchestration of slices, slice selection and matching mechanisms, isolation of slices, data plane issues, slice vertical and horizontal stitching, and multi-domain slicing. In the talk, the mentioned issues will be presented and some solutions will be proposed.


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