Heinz Thorsten Bernold

Heinz is an Associate Director in the Zurich office of The Boston Consulting Group. He is a core member of BCG's Technology, Media and Telecommunication practice area and is also a core member of the firm's network excellence and auction topic areas. He has nearly twenty years of combined industry and management consulting experience in telecommunications. He is an expert on fixed and mobile network evolution and regularly speaks on conferences on topics such as 5G and IoT. Before joining BCG, Heinz worked at Swisscom as Head of Strategy & Innovation responsible for Network, IT & Wholesale business.

Speech Abstract:

A Playbook for Accelerating 5G

·        The mobile industry faces a next-generation conundrum with major ramifications for mobile network operators, policymakers, consumers, and businesses

·        Adverse policy and innovation environments have already resulted in many countries falling behind the leaders in China, South Korea or the USA with  respect to both digital innovation and the development of digital and mobile economies.

·        Advanced 5G technology has the ability to substantially expand network capacity and lower its cost

·        Full 5G deployment is viable from a financial perspective, but it requires the full engagement of all stakeholders

·        Network operators need to change the way they think about 5G, adjusting old business models and pursuing new ones to make the business case work

·        Policymakers and regulators can help stimulate and enable change in thinking and approach

·        Non-operator participants in the telco ecosystem can also benefit from facilitating deployment of 5G

·        Companies in all sectors should work with their telco partners to investigate and unlock the benefits enabled by 5G capabilities

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