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Summit Intro
Smart Energy IT and Energy technology integration brought global industrial revolution and new strategic opportunity. Smart Energy will use IT technology to improve energy efficiency, which will promote  integration and development of  energy saving and IT technology, which will strong support the China‘s “12th Five Years Plan” of energy saving.
Europe European Parliament and the Council has launched ”Smart Energy - Europe“ (2003-2006) program and the second “Smart Energy - Europe” (2007-2013) plan; Germany, Britain and other EU members actively promote the smart energy development, in order to build a system based on ICT technology, self-control and efficient energy.
U.S.United States released the latest strategy of Smart Energy Development in September 2010 – to establish the 21st century energy networks. This strategy focus on the development of renewable energy access, large-scale energy storage, client management, smart grid, data and information security, intelligent building and so on.
Japan Japan started “Smart Energy Community Project” and “Smart Energy Network” strategy in 2010, which will achieve  conversion of  the region‘s electricity and thermal energy from different sources  by smart information exchange and control systems, coordinate the electricity, heat and energy consume in transportation, further enhance the proportion of renewable energy in total energy consumption. Japan is  try to develop more advanced technology than Europe and America in Smart energy.
China China will focus on the 7 new industries in the “12th Five Years Plan”, such as the nurturing and development of energy saving, new generation IT; China's State Council approved the energy conservation program in “12th Five Years Plan” which focus on promoting the industrial, building and transportation areas, to develop green and smart buildings, actively introducing, digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technology, speed up technology development, demonstration and application implementation.
By 2015, output value of China's national energy-saving environmental protection industry is expected to more than RMB 3 trillion.
2011 China Smart Energy Summit
2011 International Green IT Forum 
Time : 22, Nov, 2011
VenueBeijing , China
Attendance: 300
Supports and participants:
Energy Bureau, NDRC, AQSIQ, MIIT, MOST, European Union, MIC Japan, STCE 
IBB-CCIA, CIE-Energy Saving Committee, Energy Research InstituteNDRC
State Grid Energy Research Institute, IEEE, ISA
Green grid, CCSACESIIPSOZigbee 
Theme  you might interested 
Energy Reformation and 12th 5 years plan
Integration and fusion of ICT and Smart Energy
How to saving energy with ICT technology
Smart Energy Business Model and Policy 
Energy Efficiency Evaluation
Energy Internet
Energy Management Contract
Smart Energy Generation-Storage-Saving
Smart City/buildingSmart Home
Area Energy Operator
How the micro grid sync with Smart Grid
Green IDC and energy management
Energy Standard and Development
Technical Standard and Opportunity of the Next Generation Smart Grid 
Cai Guoxiong

Member of the National Committee of CPPCC, Vice Chairman of Beijing CPPCC, Deputy Chief Engineer of China Electronic Power Research Institute of State Grid

Zhou Fuqiu

Energy Science and Engineering College of Harbin Institute of  Technology

Hironobu YUMOTO

Director, International Cooperation Division, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Japan

Zhou Baoxin

Chairman, Technical Management Committee, China Communications Standards Association

Liu Dong

CEO, BII Group


PhD, Energy Policy Manager in Intel China, and Deputy Secretary, China Energy Efficiency Promotion Committee (CEEPC), China Institute of Electronics, MIIT.

Hiroshi Esaki

Professor, University of Tokyo

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