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Global IPv6 and Next Generation Internet Summit 2010 is successfully held on April 7-8 at Beijing Landmark Hotel.


This summit received the great support from the industry. We appreciated all the leaders, experts, colleagues and industrial users for your attendance, and give my honest gratefulness to the leaders of National Development and Reform Commission, MIIT, and Science and Technology Commission, to the president of Internet Society of China, Hu Qiheng, to the director of CNGI expert Committee, Wu Hequan academician, to deputy secretary of ITU, Zhao houlin and senior commissioner, Yang Xiaoya, to the leaders of Zhongguancun administration committee, to the leaders of China Telcom Group, to the chairman of IPv6 Forum, Latif Ladid, to the senior commissioner of The Information Society and Media Directorate General, EU, Jacques Babot, to the president of Japanese IPv6 promotion committee, Hiroshi Esaki, to the president of North America IPv6 Promotion Working Group, Bruce Sinclair, and to those world leading experts and personages in next generation internet domain.


We are in the new decade of 21st century, from “the internet of things”, “cloud computing” and “mobile internet” to “three networks convergence” and “strategic emerging industry”, these revolutionary “emerging industry” seem to narrow the gap between regular people and technology overnight. Among all these new things, IPv6 is considered the most important cornerstone, and has entered into the commercial year in China. At present, the mission in front of national industry is to seize two “commending points”, which are next generation international standards and address possession. After ten years effort, our country is actively getting rid of the “lag off” situation in IPv4 era; actively enhancing the influencing power on core technology, standard and industry deployment of IPv6. The development of next generation internet has been emphasized by government and industry in China, from national strategic level. On the basis of settlement of address resource sharing and network security, the administration will move forward steadily with IPv6 commercialization, and realize complete transition to IPv6 step by step.


With the two major imminent activities of “Shanghai Expo” and “Guangzhou Asian Games”, operators headed by China Telecom are already deployed IPv6 network in these events, promoting the commercialization process of IPv6, and exploring the best commercialization model of evolving to next generation internet. In the new decade, I believe that with strong support from government and sincere cooperation within the industry, the next generation internet based on IPv6 will step into a new era.


At last, on behalf on summit organizing committee, I extend our warmest welcome to all the leaders and experts; and thanks for the great sponsorship from Huawei, Cisco, ZTE, Intel, Digital China, Bluecoat, Shanghai Bell, H3C and Maipu. Hope to meet you again in April 2011.

Global IPv6 and Next Generation Internet Summit 2010
April 15, 2010





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