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Summit Intro


At the beginning of 2012, The “Second Five-Year plan” which jointly issued by the seven ministries emphasized that China was required to develop small-scale commercial pilots of IPv6, allocated IPv6 addresses to users and applications, formed a mature business mode and a route of technology evolution, prepared for deploying IPv6 fully and speeded up promoting new Internet architecture and technological research by the end of 2013.


IPv6 & Next Generation Internet Commercial Pilots

Assignment Book in 2013


Internet Construction and User Scale: All backbone network and about 10% of MAN should support IPV6; All new network equipments should support IPV6; CERNET and CSTNET will both support IPV6. The telecom companies and enterprises with DNS should basically support the visit and the resolution of IPV6; China should realize the business connection between IPV4 and IPV6;The Internet penetration should be over 40 percent and the number of the users with IPV6 broadband will be over 8 million.

Business Applications and Terminal Support: Commercial website systems whose page views rank top 100 in China should all support IPV6; About 70% of the central enterprises and prefectural government ‘s outer net systems should support IPV6;”211”project universities’ outer net systems should all support IPV6; The telecom companies’ new businesses should basically support IPV6 and the added fixed terminals and mobile terminals shouldbasically support IPV6.

Technical Breakthrough and Intellectual Property: China should speed up developing smooth evolution from IPV4 to IPV6 and conducting research, arguments and experiments of the new type of network architecture and technologies to develop a certain number of technologies with intellectual property,narrow the gap between the international advanced level and our level and set up complete standard system.

Network and Information Security: Set up experimental units of network and information safeguard system in CNGI model network, build the system of trust network and strengthen the management of Internet digital certificate.

Energy-saving, Cost-reducing and Industry Drive: Comprehensive energy consumption of unit of network traffic should fall by more than 8% per year in average.Energy consumption for every 10 thousand RMB of value added should fall by more than 3% per year in average and the number of new employment is over 150 million.

Latif Ladid, the chairman of Global IPv6 forum, has mentioned in Global IPv6 Summit 2012 that though Chinese government had done a lot of work and the academic circles did well too, I hope the operators should not only testing, but also conduct deployments.”In fact, since the The Second Five-Year plan published, China has followed the schedule of the next generation of the Internet and constructive industry chain strictly, and has achieved much progress.

Global IPv6 & Next Generation Internet Summit 2013 (The 12th) hosted by global IPv6 forum and BII will be held from 11th to 12th April (Beijing Time). The theme of this summit is Accelerate New Generation Information Infrastructure Construction; Promote Information Network Technology Widespread Use. We will invite the organizations of national policies and local leading governments and experts from CNGI to be present and host the opening ceremony, which is about the present condition and future trends of the next generation of IPV6 internet in China and they will interpret further about the latest policies and main missions of the next generation of IPV6 Internet in China.

Speakers To Be InvitedMore...
Latif Ladid

President of IPv6 Forum

Fadi Chehade

President and CEO, ICANN

Paul Wilson

Director General, APNIC

Jason Fesler

Distinguished Architect, Yahoo

Ann Marie Plubell

CEO, The Plubell Firm, Washington, D.C.
East-West Business Bridge

Hiroshi Esaki

Japan IPv6 promotion council

Roberto de Marca

President-elect 2014, IEEE

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