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Located in the Dongcheng district, Wangfujing is one of Beijing's most famous and modern shopping streets. Much of the road is off-limits to cars and other motor vehicles and it's common to see the entire street full of people.
At Wangfujing, you will find two of china's largest and glitziest shopping centres, the Sun Dongan Plaza and the Oriental Plaza. Among the stores that survived a redevelopment in 1999 are China Star Silk store, the refurbished Beijing deparment store, and the Luwu jewellery and craft store. Small stalls inside the Luwu store sell many craft items including silk, jade, musical instruments and carved wood and stone items. Other interesting shops are the Yi Liu chopstick shop and an art shop selling scroll paintings and stone rubbings. The famous tea shop, Wuyutai is also located on this street.

A technology hub in Haidian district, Zhongguancun is also known as “The Silicon Valley of China”. It is located in the northwestern part of Beijing,
Hailong market, guigu market, taipingyang market, Dinghao market and Kemao market are the five prominent it and electronics markets. They are technology bazaars, famous for their “shops within a shop”, where prices are easily but begrudgingly bargained.
Other shops within Zhongguancun mainly deal in pc-compatible hardware, peripherals and pirated software. The apple centre and apple experience centre are also located nearby.

Xidan, touted as the locals' favourite, is an old commercial quarter located about a mile west of Tiananmen Square. The Xidan commercial district incorporates the Xidan Culture Plaza, North Xidan street, as well as many supermarkets and shopping hunts. Plush department stores  the oldest of which is the Xidan Baihuo Shangchang - now line xidan's main street, Xidan Beidajie.

Just 300 metres long, Dazhalan (large wicker gate) dates from the Ming Dynasty and remains one of the liveliest shopping streets in Beijing. This area has a long history as an entertainment centre five of the biggest Beijing opera houses used to be here and you can still buy opera clothes and memorabilia at the Beijing opera costume shop. Two old shoe shops, neiliansheng and buyingzhai make traditional handmade cotton shoes. Chairman Mao used to order his cotton shoes from Dazhalan.
Liulichang is often known as the antique street because of the large number of antiques and craft items on sale. You can buy original paintings and woodblock print reproductions, materials for traditional chinese painting and old (and new) books. Liulichang is fun to meander through and to window shop even if you have no intention of purchasing anything.the most famous shop, rongbaozhai, is known for its paintings, calligraphy and brilliant woodblock prints.

Hongqiao is one of the new-style markets, situated adjacent to the temple of heaven. It occupies a modern three- storey shopping centre and sells a bewildering variety of food, electronics, clothes, household items, gifts, stationery, furniture, jewellery and antiques.

Friendship Store
A visit to the friendly store (Youyi Shangdian) is definitely one of the most comfortable ways to shop in Beijing. It is located on Jianguomenwai Dajie, the eartern extension of Chang'an Dajie. You can buy most things produced in china at the store, from dried mushrooms to exquisite cloisonné. There is a large carpet section and a good stock of silk; it also has a tailor department, watch repair counter, a bookshop, a tea shop, supermarket, dry cleaner's and starbucks.

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