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Summit Intro

Global IPv6 & Next Generation Internet Summit 2014 (“Summit” for short) will be held on April 17 and 18, 2014 in Beijing. The summit is hosted together by Global IPv6 Forum and BII with great support from MIIT, CCSA, China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom and is for its 13th year! 


Heads for coordinating Internet infrastructures from all international organizations in the world call for taking the transition to IPv6 as the first global task, especially internet content providers can provide services both for IPv4 and IPv6 users so that all contents can be visited through global internet. Moreover, Google's IPv6 statistics have shown that connections over IPv6 to Google's web sites hit the 2% threshold for the first time. While 2% sounds tiny, the important fact here is that this represents a doubling of IPv6 traffic to Google over the past year! Certainly looking at Google's IPv6 traffic graph the trend is definitely going in the right direction!


As a big Internet using country with biggest scale of netizen accounting for 1/4 in the world and strongest need in IP address, China is having only 9.85% IPv4 addresses. Accelerating the application and deployment of IPv6 has becomes the first issue for China to develop Internet. In the Suggestion of The Next Generation Internet "Twelfth five-year" Development and Construction, NDRC requested to launch IPv6 commercial pilot in small scale in end of 2013, actively building pilot cities; to deploy IPv6 commercially overall from 2014 to 2015 to achieve the goal of three-network Integration. At present, construction of China next generation Internet pilot cities has started. There will be several pilot cities with typical leading role to be built among 22 cities with basic conditions, which will definitely promote the fast development of Chinese next generation Internet.


With the chance, Global IPv6 & Next Generation Internet Summit 2014 (the 13th) will invite over 100 international speakers in the world to share new products and solutions related to IPv6 industrial update, construction and deployment, presenting commercial cases by operators and vendors at home and abroad, and give opinions on the development statement of IPv6, update direction, industry development, transition solutions, industry application, IPv6 testing, IPv6 network security, and next generation pilot cities construction. It is predicted that the number of attendees will be over 2000, companies to exhibit on site will reach 30, and over 60% of these participants will be operators and IPv6 vertical users.


Before the summit, there will be IPv6 testing event including IPv6 web test and IPv6 transitional technology test, to help domestic web to be updated and transited towards IPv6 quickly, guarantee the deployment of IPv6 in big scale in China, and finally promote the development of next generation internet in a healthy and ordered way.


At this critical moment for global internet overall transition term, will you stand still and refuse to make progress or make a big jump by seizing this opportunity? Global IPv6 & Next Generation Internet Summit 2014 invite you to join this big network revolution to push the development of the whole industry!

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