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"BII has been a leader in network policy and technology in China. I have been most impressed with the energy and foresight of the company and its CEO, Liu Dong. Initiatives like this help to put China onto the world stage in the adoption and use of Internet technology." ----Vinton G.Cerf

With many years’ endeavor in TMT industry, BII helps partners establish branches and provide correspondent value-added consulting service in China. Our partners consist of Chinese government, authoritative industry organizations, research institute and leading companies, such as MII,ICANN, IPv6 Forum, ITU, IETF, IEEE, ETSI, APNIC, WiMAX Forum, Intel, Hitachi, etc.

BII serves as China Offices of many International Technical Alliances.

To strengthen the communications with government and industries, BII has initiated and implemented series of international events, such as International Internet Conference, Global IPv6 Summit, Global WiMAX Summit, Global WiMedia Summit, Wireless City Forum, Mobile Internet Forum, etc, which generated great influence in the industry worldwide and greatly promoted TMT development in China.

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