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On 7th September, “Global IPv6 & Next Generation Internet Summit 2015” ( will be grandly held in the Presidential Hotel in Beijing. The Summit will be jointly held by Global IPv6 Forum and BII Group with the theme of “IPv6 Era is Around the Corner, Are You Ready?”, and we will invite dozens of domestic and foreign industry top experts, industry renowned manufacturer representatives, academic institutions, user enterprises, many authoritative media to participate in.



As a global industry authoritative platform been held for 14 years consecutively, the guests who have attended the IPv6 summit are historically concerned. As we know, the upcoming summit will be held on the 7th September, and the guests are also full of aspects to watch. According to the confirmed guests, these summit guest speakers are authoritative experts covering every aspect of the industry. Not only bosses of Internet field and leading experts of IPv6 field, but also chairmen of international authoritative organizations, the high level officers of operators, world-renowned manufacturers etc. By then, many guest speakers will discuss with global industry elites about focus topics like “Technological focus of IPv6 large-scale deployment and mainstream programs”, “IPv6 development to the impacts and challenges of network security”, “IPv6 boosts the Internet of Everything” ect.



Guest 1:

Vint Cerf


Dr. Vint Cerf is one of the inventors of TCP/IP protocol, recognized as "the father of the Internet". He’s an important supporter of IPv6. He believes that IPv6 plays a vital role in the development of the Internet of Everything. He had a speech at the last IPv6 summit, said, regardless of China or the world, the construction of IPv6 demonstration city in China is an exciting historical turning point. At this summit, we look forward to Dr. Vint Cerf giving IPv6 more guidance from aspect of the global Internet deployment and large-scale applications of Internet of Everything.



Guest 2:

Latif Latif


Ladid Latif is the President of the global IPv6 forum, as one of the important promoters of the IPv6 industry, he has participated in IPv6 summit many times, witnessed the full development of IPv6 industry. At the last summit, Mr. Ladid Latif has repeatedly affirmed China's important position in global IPv6 industry. He gives great expectations for China’s IPv6 industry. He said: “Although the IPv6 is now developing vertically, but soon it will spread into horizontal development between enterprises." This time, Mr. Latif Ladid will participate in the IPv6 summit once again; share the latest information and industry insights for us.



Guest 3:

Suzanne Woolf


Suzanne Woolf is on the board of ICANN, and the Chairman of the DNSOP. She engages in IPv6 related research for many years, participates in the DNSEXT and V6OPS (IPv6 OPertions) and other IETF working groups at the same time. At this summit, Suzanne Woolf will give lecture named “Future Internet name, address, identification system”; communicate with the audience and answer questions.



Guest 4:

Paul Vixie


The impacts and challenges of IPv6 development to network security has been a hot issue in the industry. At this summit, the candidate of the 2014 Internet Celebrity Hall, BIND technology founder Pual Vixie will participate. He will give lecture named “Security analysis of IPv6 and DNS network technology facilities”. What challenges IPv6 in network security is facing, what role of DNS network technology is playing, whether there is an effective solution currently? We look forward to the wonderful interpretation by Mr. Vixie Paul at this summit.



In addition to the mentioned authoritative experts, the chairman of Japan IPv6 Highly Promotion Committee Hiroshi Esaki; Japan Keio University Professor, the M Root Server operator Akira Kato; BII Lab chief architect Shane Kerr; the director of China Telecom Cloud Computing Center, Beijing Research Institute chief engineer teacher Zhao Huiling; China Unicom Group Next-generation Internet chief expert Fu Chengpeng; the director of China Mobile Network Research Institute Duan Xiaodong, ect. Many domestic and foreign top experts will visit the summit, share their views at the key nodes of IPv6 Generation explosive growth, look forward to the next-generation Internet's development trend, help make the IPv6 next-generation Internet full deployment together.



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