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In “IPv4 address pool is exhausted, IPv6 is general trend” industry consensus, the next-generation Internet industry demand is increasing vigorously and vigorously, the whole world equipment manufacturers’ deployment and investment are significantly increasing. The Global IPv6 Test Center data shows that, until 2014, 1939 IPv6 Ready Logos have been issued, of which 596 of China, accounting for 31% of the world's total. In order to exhibit IPv6 industry development and device support status more comprehensively and objectively, the largest and most influential IPv6 exhibition activities——IPv6 ShowCase will be held at the 7th September, the same time as “Global IPv6 & Next Generation Internet Summit”, it will be one of this summit’s highlights appear in Beijing.




This IPv6 ShowCase is held by the Global IPv6 Test Center, which is one of the top 3 IPv6 testing institutions. According to introduction, no matter demonstration method, activity content, or exhibition depth in this test activity is domestic origination. It will explain IPv6 and next-generation Internet status through “device testing network experience, industry reports, exhibition and demonstration, etc” these four dimensions, provide a comprehensive and intuitive understanding of the status and development direction of IPv6 for audiences and manufacturers, build excellent platform for communication and cooperation.



Domestic Largest Scale: Dozens of Famous Manufacturers around world jointly participate


This IPv6 ShowCase attracts dozens of domestic and foreign famous manufacturers to jointly participate, including Huawei, ZTE, Ruijie, H3C, Neusoft, etc. At that time, a number of manufacturers will bring about a hundred of IPv6 Ready-certificated security gateway, DDOS active defense system, intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, firewall, switch, router, home gateway, WEB application security defense system, application interaction equipment and operating systems to ShowCase to jointly exhibit. At the same time, the testing engineer of Global IPv6 Test Center will give live field test and solution demonstration, audiences can experience them without distance.



Authoritative Industry Report: IPv6 Support Test White Paper release


It is revealed, the Global IPv6 Test Center will release authoritative industry report ——IPv6 Support Test White Paper in IPv6 ShowCase, to show next-generation Internet market present status quo, vacancy and great opportunity. The white paper will be divided into three parts ——test object, test method and result analysis. Testing object included “Cloud- Channel- Device” and Internet of things smart home software devices and IPv6 devices support test report.  Compare foreign IPv6-supported brand with the domestic, it will figure out IPv6 application vacancy and development space in China by IPv6 support test, IPv6 address access support test and IPv6 transitional technology test, etc.


Nay, IPv6 Support Test White Paper will give scene reduction of IPv6 in enterprises, families, applications, mobile Internet and data centers, etc. and analysis weak links of them, and demonstrate 2 or 3 scene in ShowCase field.



Brand New Network Experience: IPv6/IPv4 dual stack wireless full coverage


It’s reported that, This IPv6 ShowCase field will be fully covered by IPv6 network; hundreds of audience can experience the efficiency, convenience and speed. In order to solve the problem that most websites do not support IPv6 accessing, it will arrange the Global IPv6 Test Center’s IPv6 MIG equipment in field, to rapidly migrate IPv4 resources to the IPv6 platform with NAT64 and DNS64 technology to solve the IPv6 pain points——scarcity of resource. At the same time, in order to deal with the problem of the applying layer client software problem of insufficient support for IPv6, it will provide IPv4/IPv6 dual stack wireless network to realize seamless resource link, IPv4 and IPv6 platform resource perfect connection.


As we know, next-generation Internet development is still in the transition period of IPv6 to IPv4. In this period, IPv4 users’ transition to IPv6 will be subject to network equipment support, operators access conditions, etc., the Global IPv6 Test Center's IPv6 remote access platform is able to provide access service for IPv4 users through the IPv6 remote access server in the existing IPv4 environment, then avoid hard constraints, one step ahead in IPv6’s door. The audience can break the IPv6 accessing environment limitation and use IPv6 no matter PC or mobile device freely.


During the big data, cloud computing, Internet of things and mobile Internet developing rapidly, as a supporting role of the network infrastructure, IPv6 is bound to play a crucial role in the construction of the next-generation Internet. This IPv6 ShowCase will exhibit IPv6 industry and technology development status objectively and comprehensively, enhance enterprise motivation, drive the IPv6 commercial deployment, provide support and protection. Now, free online registration for “Global IPv6 & Next-Generation Internet Summit” and “IPv6 ShowCase” is ready, more information is available at

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