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 In recent years, with the rapid development of next-generation Internet industry and the rapid expansion of the IPv6 market, the major manufacturers actively layout, the device supports the IPv6 protocol as one of the most important marketing indicators. Few days ago, on the site of IPv6 Ready ShowCase which hosted by the BII Group-Global IPv6 Testing Center (, dozens of well-known manufacturers bring dozens of IPv6 Ready certificated internet devices jointly exhibit, providing an opportunity and platform for full range of in-depth understanding and zero distance contact of the IPv6 Ready Logo certification. Through the device testing, network experience, industry report, exhibition and display, and other four-dimensional to interpret the IPv6 and next-generation Internet status.


IPv6 Ready ShowCase


The IPv6 Forum ( IPv6 Ready Logo Program is a conformance and interoperability testing program intended to increase user confidence by demonstrating that IPv6 is available now and is ready to be used.IPv6 Ready Logo products show that the IPv6 protocol has been fully in line with the relevant standards of RFC IETF, the consistency and interoperability have been verified, and the product will be more competitive in the next generation of Internet business deployment.


In order to better demonstrate the global application of IPv6 Ready Logo certification, the IPv6 Ready ShowCase activity is particularly divided into two parts: equipment testing and field demonstration. Before two months, the global IPv6 testing center jointed Huawei, ZTE, Ruijie, H3C, Neusoft, Wind River, many domestic and foreign well-known manufacturers of the IPv6 ready test of high volume, high density, strictly follow the IPv6 ready test specification, to participate in the test of the product of the authority, the objective of the conformance and interoperability test, the tested products that they are entirely consistent with the IETF RFC standards and obtain the IPv6 ready logo.


IPv6 Ready ShowCase field, dozens of vendors bring many IPv6 Ready Logo certificated devices for field display, product type covers routing, intrusion detection defense, WEB application security defense system, DDoS security, home gateway, etc., causing the audience to watch crowdly. During that time, the Global IPv6 Testing Center engineers synchronized presented the IPv6 Ready test procedures, detailed test specification, answered the audience’s question, on-site generation of IPv6 ready test report and the were itemized interpretation. Through this intuitive way, to build a good connection platform for the audience and manufacturers, and provides a comprehensive and intuitive understanding of the status quo and development direction of IPv6 deployment, the real sense of the IPv6 industry to promote the application of landing.


In fact, with the depletion of IPv4 addresses and the booming of the next generation of Internet, IPv6 access to the industry chain has become an indisputable fact, the manufacturers, operators, research institutions in the traditional network products IPv6 R & D investment rapidly heat up. According to the Global IPv6 test center in the IPv6 Ready ShowCase activities on the site released the Whitepaper on IPv6 Support shows that the total number of global Ready Logo IPv6 currently released a total of 2055, of which China accounted for 31% of the world's total, ranking first in the world. At the same time, network equipment manufacturers for Ready Logo IPv6 certification and market investment is still increasing, the deployment of IPv6 is also steadily going deep.


With the advent of the Internet + era, people and people, people and objects, information exchange and sharing between people and resources makes the pressure of basic resources and technology increase, IPv6 not only bring us a lot of address space, but also for the Internet of things, mobile Internet, Internet, energy and other industries to provide a wide range of industrial development and end to end security interconnection. As an international authority authentication project of IPv6 industry, it can be said that IPv6 Ready Logo certification is not only a huge and complex network equipment for IPv6 and the support of the next-generation Internet to provide an important guarantee, but also to promote the deployment and application of the global IPv6 industry.


More Ready Logo IPv6 certification products, please visit:

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