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Speakers To Be Invited
Vint Cerf

Vice President of Google, Father of Internet

Paul Wilson

Director General, APNIC

Latif Ladid

President , IPv6 Forum

Fadi Chehadé

President of ICANN

Paul Vixie

Founder of ISC, 2014 Internet Hall of Fame

Hiroshi Esaki

Executive Director of Japan v6PC

Akira Kato

Professor of Keio University, WIDE

Shane Kerr

Chief Architect of BII Lab

Suzanne Woolf

ICANN Board & DNSOP WG Chair

Liu Dong

Member of China Next Generation Internet Expert Committee & Chair of Conference

Li Zhen

Director of Global IPv6 Testing Center & CTO of BII Group

Wen Bin

President of ZED-3, Senior Engineer

Zhao Huiling

Director of Cloud Computing Research Center of China Telecom

Fu Chengpeng

Chief Scientist of China Unicom

Duan Xiaodong

Director of Network Department, China Mobile Research Institute

Qiu Wande

Researcher of IPv6 Testing Lab of Chunghwa Telecom Research Institute

Zhou Wu

Dr. Wu Chou, Fellow of IEEE, CTO of Networking & Enterprise Communications Product Line of Huawei

Zhu Ke

Market Director of Wireless Product of Digital China Networks

Xie Chongfeng

NGI Product Line Director of China Telecom Beijing Research Institute

Cui Yong

Professor of Computer Science and Technology Department of Tsinghua University

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