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2012 Summit Review
China SDN & Open Networking Summit 2012
On December 6th, China SDN & Open Networking Summit 2012, themed “Evolution Landmark of Future Network”, was convened in Beijing and had received substantial support from the international organization -- Open Network Foundation (ONF). Justin Dustzadeh, the representative of ONF, addressed the convention and delivered a keynote speech about the revolutionary influence of SDN on the next generation networks. The conference was hosted by the SDN & Open Networking Expert Committee of Next Generation Internet Alliance (NGI Alliance). Yang Zemin, Vice President and Secretary-general of China Communications Standards Association, Xu Jian, Vice Director of Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Area, and Liu Dong, President of General Assembly of SDN and Open Networking Summit and CEO of Beijing Internet Institute (BII), attended the summit and delivered speeches. About 500 audiences, including domestic and overseas carriers, equipment manufactures and industry experts attended the conference to jointly probe into the hot issues about SDN and open networking.
Jiang Lintao, Director of Science and Technology Committee of China Academy of Telecommunication Research (CATR) of MIIT, delivered a keynote speech titled “New Trend in the Evolution of Internet Technology”. Along with the extensive application of cloud computing technology and virtualization and continuously accelerated development of information technology, the most urgent problem confronting China is how to solve the problem of next generation network. Research shows that SDN can substantially improve network performance and has tremendous market potential in China.
Another hotspot is that research institutions of the three major carriers (China Unicom, China Mobile, China Telecom) all gathered in the SDN and Open Networking Summit. Zhao Huiling, Vice President of Beijing Research Institute of China Telecom, Duan Xiaodong, Network Institute Director of Research Institute of China Mobile, and Tang Xiongyan, Deputy Chief Engineer of Research Institute of China Unicom delivered wonderful speeches during the conference and deliberated SDN and network virtualization technology influencing the basic network architecture of next generation internet. New technologies such as SDN are expected to solve the problem of further extending the current network architecture and to provide more efficient service for large-scale data center.
This year’s summit promotes innovation from a global perspective and probes into SDN to propel the technical innovation of future network. During the conference, Professor Wu Chunming from Zhejiang University introduced the development progress and research practices of international technology SDN and China’s innovative network technology. Professor Bi Jun from Tsinghua University elaborated how to employ and develop network technology to better support new network architecture and protocol. Well-known enterprises at home and abroad, including Red Hat, xNet, Huawei, ZTE, GreeNet, Centec Networks, DCN and Ruijie Networks, expounded their latest network equipment and solution based on SDN technology. Top internet companies such as Tencent and Sina also shared their research and practice on the software level of SDN with the audiences. SDN has gradually become one of the remarkable technology trends in ICT field and will definitely influence the industrial pattern of future network.
As China’s first flagship event about SDN and open networking, the one-day summit has held keynote speeches and two elite panels involving international enterprise representatives such as NEC and Ericsson to elaborate and share practices in the field of SDN and open networking. Furthermore, Tsinghua University, Huawei, xNet and GreeNet have demonstrated their mature products and solutions based on SDN to the audiences and medium.
During China SDN & Open Networking Summit 2012 of the same day, expert committee officially held the inauguration ceremony with 12 units including Zhejiang University, Tsinghua University, Beijing Internet Institute (BII), Beijing Research Institute of China Telecom, Tencent, Huawei, ZTE, DCN, H3C, Centec Networks, GreeNet and Ruijie Networks. Professor Wu Chunming from Zhejiang University assumed the Chairman of Committee, Professor Bi Jun from Tsinghua University assumed the Routine Deputy Chairman of Committee, Mr. Liu Dong, the President of BII Group also assumed the Deputy Chairman of Committee. China SDN & Open Networking Expert Committee will set out to promote information and technology communication within IT industry of China and study the development and evolution of relevant technology standards through combination of theory and practice, and consequently to propel the progress of future network technology.
Looking forward to meeting you 2013
Organizing Committee of China SDN & Open Networking Summit 2012
December 6, 2012
Speakers To Be InvitedMore...
Wu Chunming

Professor of Zhejiang University, the expret of The National High Technology Research and Development Programme

Justin Joubine Dustzadeh

ONF Representative (CTO & VP Technology Strategy, Networks, Huawei)

Jiang Lintao

Director of Science and Technology Committee, CATR


Sub-decanal of Beijing Academy of China Telecom Group

Duan Xiaodong

Network Institute Director,China Mobile

Tang Xiongyan

Deputy Chief Engineer,  China Unicom Research Institute

Bi Jun

Professor and Director of Network Architecture & IPv6 Research Division, Tsinghua University

Glenn West

Cloud Business Unit Manager, APAC, Red Hat Asia Pacific

Qiu Zijun

Senior Network Architect, Tecent

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