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Summit Introduction


2015 Future Network Forum, click here.


China Future Network Development and Innovation Forum & Global SDN Open Networking Conference 2014

To Be Held in Nanjing in December


From December 8 to 9, China Future Network Development and Innovation Forum & Global SDN Open Networking Conference 2014 will be held grandly in Nanjing. This event is jointly held by Chinese Academy of Engineering, Nanjing Municipal Government and Open Networking Foundation (ONF), and undertaken by Jiangsu Future Networks Innovation Institute and Beijing Internet Institute (BII).


Along with the development of network communication and cyber technology, it brings great challenges to the existing network, especially in terms of expansibility, mobility, security, energy consumption, and service quality, from the newly emerging applications like the integration of three networks, IoT and cloud computing. The sustainable development of future network with key technology of SDN has become global focus, and it is urgent to research new basic theory, new thought and new methods, to explore key technologies suitable for future network application and innovation, design an open and extensible new network architecture, and establish sustainably developing future network infrastructure.  


The conference will conduct discussion on important topics about the challenges and solutions for the existing network, future network technology developing trend and future development of SDN open network, through ways of equipment testing, member day, keynote speech, academic forum and exhibition, to fully present future network and SDN open network industry status.


Powerful Combination- Two Authorized Conferences Operated Together


China Future Network Development and Innovation Forum has been held for three times with authority in the whole industry, while Global SDN Opening Networking Conference has been held for three times to be the flagship event in SDN field. On December 8, 9 and 10, the two authorized events will join together to be a subverting top event in the whole industry.     


The whole event will attract over 1000 attendees both at home and abroad, including speakers 60+, audience 800+, exhibitors 60+ and media delegates 80+. This event will explain future network and SDN technology development, business mode, and industrial win-win and cooperation in view of industrial chain.  


Highest Rank—Global Top Speakers Give Presentations


There will be over 10 top experts at home and abroad invited to give speeches, including Father of Internet Dr. Vint Cerf, ONF Executive Director Mr. Dan Pitt, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Mr. Wu Hequan, Director of OpenDaylight David Meyer, Expert in Internet Infrastructure Field Mr. Marc Blanchet and famous investors.


At the same time, leaders from NDRC, MIIT, Ministry of Education, MOST, Jiangsu Province, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, over one hundred experts, carriers, vendors, investment institutions, internet companies and vertical users, will be present on site.


Joint Test in China and US—ONF Fall PlugFest


Before the grand event, ONF and Global SDN Certified Testing Center belonged to BII will carry on ONF Fall PlugFest for one week from November 3 to 7. The test will be conducted both in China and US with participation of more companies, better testing environment and methods on basis of the Spring PlugFest held in May also both in China and US synchronously.


Integration of Industry and Academy- Academic Forum Hold in Parallel


The Academic Forum will be held at the same time of the conference, aiming at providing the platform about network theory and technology communications for domestic scholars and engineers, and the best promotion for network innovation achievements, so as to help the development of domestic future network theory research and technology application. Famous scholars and experts at home and abroad will be invited to give lectures on site and exchange the latest research achievements and cases in network.  


Free Pass—for All Attendees


To promote the development of Future Network and SDN technology, the Organizing Committee will provide free passes to all attendee. It will be a top industrial feast for all participants, not only for company users, ISP, IDC, ICP, investors and academicians.


The Organizing Committee will also provide free booth and free speaking slots for startups and academicians. It can be applied on the official web.

Speakers To Be InvitedMore...
Wu Hequan

President of China Internet Association & Director of CNGI Committee & Academician of CAE

Liu Yunjie

Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Vint Cerf

Father of the Internet & Vice President of Google

Dan Pitt

Executive Director, ONF

Liu Dong

Chair of Conference & President of BII & Director of Beijing Internet Institute

David Meyer

Outstanding Contributor, ONF

Geng Lin

CTO Corporate Network, Google

Zhao Huiling 

Chair of TC3 Technology Committee of CCSA & Director of China Telecom Cloud Computing Center

Tang Xiongyan

Vice Chief Engineer, China Unicom Research Institute

Duan Xiaodong

Network Institute Director,China Mobile

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Tel: 8610-58678188-123
Fax: 8610-58678466
Olive Su
Tel: 8610-58678469
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Tel: 8610-58678188-136
Fax: 8610-58678466
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