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Authorized by Z-Park IoT Alliance, and supported by IEEE, Bluetooth SIG, Wi-Fi Alliance, WiGig Alliance, and many other organizations, we successfully organized the “Wireless Internet of Things Conference 2009”, spotlighted our flagship conference brand in discussing wireless technologies’ opportunities in IoT domain. This year, we will present you a more in-depth, expertly researched and strongly supported event, and we believe that you will benefit greatly from participation in our events.

Wireless technologies like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, UWB, ZigBee and RFID, and so forth, are becoming increasingly important in the areas of automation and home informationization, and becoming the cornerstone in the present development of Internet of Things.


Premier Wen Jiabao stressed on the importance of Internet of Things in public for many times. In China National “12th 5 Year” Plan, “Internet of Things” is ranked in due form as one of the five major strategic emerging industries that the government will prioritize. “Internet of Things Standardization Collaborative Working Group” has been formed to develop standardization of IoT in China.


The State Grid (China) has recently released “Smart Grid Technical Standard Architecture Plan” and “Smart Grid Key Equipment (System) Develop Plan”. Smart Grid and Internet of Things will continue to integrate in depth.


The conference is endorsed and supported by authoritative technical standardization organizations and industry associations worldwide, including European Commission, IEEE, ETSI, Bluetooth SIG, WiGig Alliance, Wi-Fi Alliance, ZigBee Alliance, NFC Forum, IPSO Alliance, etc. In this international event, you will hear the latest information from various parties on their strategic objects and specific plans in wireless technology applications, Internet of Things and Smart Grid.



Comprehensive understanding of the evolutions and applications of various wireless technologies: ZigBee, RFID, Wi-Fi 11n, Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth High-speed, Bluetooth low energy  technology, WiGig v1.0 (60GHz), WiMAX 16m, NFC, and so on.


Share the visionary views on opportunities IoT and Smart Grid will bring to wireless technologies.


Parallel Conferences: IoT Conference, Wi-Fi Technology Conference, Bluetooth Technology Conference, WiMAX Summit 2010.


Simultaneous interpretation service is available all the time!  


Geoff Mulligan
Chair, IPSO Alliance
Florent Frederix…
Head of Sector, Information Society and media, European Commission
Andy Glass
CTO, Bluetooth SIG
Kelly Davis-Feln…
Marketing Director, Wi-Fi Alliance
Jay Huang
Managing Director
Government Affair, Telecomm and Standard ,Intel China Ltd
Geng Wu
Director of Wireless Standards and Technologies, Intel
Zhang Hui
Executive Secretary, State Sensor Network Standardization Working Group
Wang Jianquan
Head of Wireless Project, China Unicom Research Institute
Fei Feng
Director, Research Department of Industrial Economy, DRC
Zhuang Zixin
Chinese wireless technology expert

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